The Charity Dinner with the president raised €55,000 for the children of fallen servicemen.


On the evening of April 15th, for the 13th time, a charity dinner with the President of the Republic was held to support the education of the children of the Estonian Defence Forces who have fallen in service or been seriously injured. The event raised a record 55,000 euros in support of these 72 children.

The patron of the Foundation, Alar Karis, noted: "The Carolin Illenzeer Foundation might not be the largest charity organisation, but to
date, it has provided continual support to 72 children over two decades. Even a single child who receives the courage and assistance to make their dreams come true means a better future and a better world for us all. Because the impact of supporting a child is greater than it initially seems. In doing so, we are affecting the future.” The president added: "Therefore, I’m particularly pleased that the Foundation focuses primarily on children’s education – something intrinsic to Estonians – and extracurricular activities. Learning,
discovering, and creating are the strengths that make us unique. Uniqueness enriches and fosters our culture in turn. And a rich culture enhances Estonianness itself and ensures that we achieve our noblest goal: to preserve the Estonian language and the Estonian people through the ages."

The charity dinner, held at the Cruise Terminal, featured performances by the So-La-Re children's choir, Ivo Linna and Maarja and the Military Orchestra. It was a rare opportunity to hear Maarja and Ivo perform their Eurovision song "Kaelakee hääl", and for the first time in the history of these dinners, the guests spontaneously found their way to the dance floor.

A charity auction was held under the leadership of Andres Torm, where Fotografiska Tallinn exhibited works from a photo exhibition highlighting the war in Ukraine. The paintings were auctioned off by Vaal Gallery, and Tiit Pruuli donated graphic page "Belly Dancer," by artist Endel Kõks, which will now be given to Miina Härma Gymnasium. Among the exciting items was a dagger donated to the auction by General Riho Terras, which he had received as a gift from the Chief of the Greek Defence Forces. Also, a handmade sculpture depicting the sunken cruiser "Moscow,” presented to the Estonian Foreign Intelligence Service by the head of Ukrainian military intelligence, General Budanov, broke the all-time record for any auction item. In a tight competition, the sculpture was sold for €20,000 to entrepreneur Joakim Helenius. In total, more than €55,000 was raised at the charity dinner auction of the Carolin Illenzeer Foundation to support the education of children of soldiers who died or were seriously injured in the service of the Estonian Defence Forces. Currently, 72 children receive support from the Foundation.

The Carolin Illenzeer Foundation's charity dinner with the president was supported by: Andres Torm, Maarja, Ivo Linna, Tiit Pruuli, So-La-Re Children's Choir, Military Orchestra, Erlend Štaub, RGB Baltic, Space Productions, Altermovie, Tervise Catering, Bestwine, Different, Elinete Lilled, Live Agency, and Tallinn Port Cruise Terminal.

Foundation’s donation numbers:

900 6705 – 5 eurot
900 6715 – 20 eurot
900 6735 – 50 eurot

Bank account: 

SA Carolin Illenzeeri Fond: EE687700771001314163


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